Seen God Lately?

Written by: Donald Meikle

Just to set things straight before I rant on.
I believe in God
Religion in almost any form disgusts me
They were given this earth and life in all its glory
What did they do in appreciation ?
They promptly invented a better place!
Heaven. Paradise. Angels, Virgins (why?)
And of course Satan with his burning Hell
It's like being given water to drink and defecating in it
Oh I forgot,    we did that.
Then of course they branched out into sects
Protestant, Catholic, Sunni, etal
Convincing Irish men to war with each other
over how to please God
As to Earth (The Gift from God)
They war over who gets to destroy it
They die to actually own it
Complete with headstone.
Usually in the best area for living.
How do you religious ingrates live with this sin?
In blind senseless destruction of all it can be.