Real Pollution

Written by: Brian Faulkner

Volcanoes, once, polluted air
With noise and ashes everywhere.
Man made a mask and good ear plugs,
And got him lots of friendly hugs.

Whales, once, polluted the ocean
With all that blubber in overweight motion.
Men cut them down, and that was right,
For then came beauty of lantern-light.

The polluting cold of winter came;
Man drove it off with warming flame.
The polluting heat of summer came;
With A/C humming, he won the game!

The polluting fires in forests wild,
By lightning sent, Sis Nature's child,
Man fights with his most healthy hand
For his pure houses that should stand.

The earth pollutes with sand and dust
Covering floors and pizza pie crust;
Man purifies with walls, doors and glass,
Sees man-aged earth by his window pass.