Only Solace

Written by: Tamra Craft

Show me a sky filled with birds
Dancing across the brilliant horizon
Say you love me without any words
Let me forget the arms I’ve cried in.

Well stay there on a perfect shore
And leave behind everything else
I don’t want to hear them anymore
I only want to see, touch and smell

Let me lay on the beach caressed by waves
Let them sweep me far out to sea
Please, just make everything okay
Don’t make me go back to being me

Because she was betrayed so deep inside
By a man that she thought was trust incarnate
And this is the only place she has to hide
If she went back now she wouldn’t make it.

I know its late, please stop looking at the time
Just give me a few more precious ticks
This is the only place I know I won’t lose my mind 
Now I may survive one more day of him,