Written by: Paige Brackins

I've flipped through the pages of every chapter of my life.
I've tried to cut out the bad, to burn the pain
only to cause more.

I've watched every scene like it was a movie,
wasted so much time wondering why.
Spent up energy on the tears I've cried.
Only to find myself gone once again.

I tried to steal the sun,
to rob the moon.
To shot every bright star
from the sky.

I somehow managed to find
a way through the foolish pride.
Only to realize it was only
black lies.

I attacked every sense, 
every emotion.

Clarity, a thing I finally seen.
This life is mine,
fragile letting time fly by.
Wasting the precious moments in life.
Finally seeing there is more than just sadness
even on my darkest day...