Dream me tonight

Written by: Jeff Green

Every dream in my heart is a hope for the future
Tied to my wishes by bundles of rhyme
Sewn to your life by a poetry suture
Dreams are reality stretched out of time
Lying in bed when I ought to be sleeping
Dreaming of dreaming is madness I know
When I succumb to the torpor that's creeping
Take me to paradise where love's on show
Now I can whisper with fingers to tease you
Inside my head you are ready for me
Lips join the fight as I struggle to please you
Tell me you love me and set my heart free
Why do I wake when in sleep we're together
Holding you close is the reason for dreams
Now I can feel you as soft as a feather
Being in love is as sweet as it seems
Dream me some happiness weave me an ending
Find me tonight in some dreams of your own
Drink in a glass of the love I am sending
You're in the World so I'm never alone