Hello Lord

Written by: Linda Etling

Just wanted to tell you I loved you today And sit with you for awhile. To feel your warmth and love again, what a gift from a Father to a child. I know I can always come to you I know your always there You are my dearest friend my Lord For you always show your care You sit there beside me silently each day Watching the mistakes I make But you wrap your loving arms around me To guide the path I take Lord why are you so good to me Wiping my sinful slate clean I’m so unworthy of your sweet love For my failures you have seen But you are there for me each day Watching so I won’t fall This Grace and mercy is a such a gift I give you my life, my all Lord tell me what I can do for you Show me where I should be Guide my feet and my walk for you Let others see your light in me Make all the days that I have left Be of value to you Lord Speak through me so they will see Sin in life they can’t afford Well, I just wanted to stop and say Hello, for I feel you very near I know your always there with me So this day there’s none to fear Thank you again my Lord and King For all you’ve done for me Just sending my Praise’s on up to you For setting my sinful soul free!