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Written by: james faulkner

Weary souls unwind underneath night’s natural inn 
Cigarettes and Whiskey race buds of young lovers’ tongues
Winds play erotic melodies as stars faint, for the mood is set

Whiskey stirred thoughts summit & sync
Kisses and limbs tango as a saint’s ethic sink
The moon complementing the unseen beauty 
Such as the gentle clashes of entangled eyelashes
The winds hymns broke to hear love spoken
Words that only are whispered from lips who share bonds unbroken
Angels half heartily cover their eyes with clouds
As stars and chirping crickets openly form crowds 

Time was as lost as their virginities 
Moons & stars faded asleep 
Whiskey bottles ran arid and dry
While lipstick tipped the edge of unlit cigarettes

The story begans