Written by: Brooke Mitchell

I flow through life like a fish swims through water./ Words ooze from my mouth like honey 
from the comb./ This sweet sticky mess of language is enticing,/ holding me firm in a 
makeshift reality of thought./ True freedom can never be bought,/ only thought,/ only felt,/ 
stop writing your name!/ True essence can never be spelled./ Only felt,/ truly known inside 
the confines of your heart,/ out of your head,/ out of this world!/ Outside this lie of concrete 
and glass./ I want you to bury your life in the earth to make up for lost time./ Wash your 
eyes out; most of us can't tell the city from the slime./ Look at the sky scrapers!/ Eaten away 
by lime.../ But I will waste no more time./ I will do my dance, in the midst of the plants./ 
Living to passion, reality and air./ Toasting to water, beauty, and the wind through my hair./ 
And I live with every care./ I see our end, I know where we're going./ Like a baby lulled to 
sleep by the sound of her mothers sewing./ This sound is called silence, /the antidote to