Another truth

Written by: Autumn Rose Wood

We can second guess what others do
Did his slight kiss on her right cheek mean he is in love with you?
Did her bright blush mean she thought you and he were through?
Did your eagle eye stare mean that you wanted to see it all?
Know it all?
Would that then prevent a fall?

We can second guess ourselves
Did I speak too loud
Did I say too much
Did I tell too many and keep in too close of touch
Or did I not touch

But we must trust in God
Easy right
Only if you've never felt the sharp blade of a once loving tongue against your skin
Only if you've never fell for the repeated line of sin
Only if you've never flew in the face of what you knew was right
Only to dive from the sky once your wax dream built wings melted

God always sends his angels to catch us when we fall 
And we never have to second guess that!