God's gifts.

Written by: Autumn Rose Wood

Do you hear it in the distance?
The rain kissing the earth, sighing as steam raises from hot asphalt.
Do you see the flashes of purest light?
The thunder racing the bolts across the night sky?
I shiver
Do you?
Feeling His power shake our world, His world, and knowing
I am safe
In His arms, in his hands

Do you see the children playing in the overflowing creek?
The littlest one, so small so sweet, with mud streaked across his cheek
Do you hear the jokes they tell each other as they run on their bare feet
The laughter warms the coldest water and babbles like blowing bubbles all along the way
You smile
Do I?
Feeling God is in his Heaven's and all that is wrong with this world will be fixed in the next.
Maybe tomorrow I'll send Him a balloon with a prayer tied at the end of the string.