Helen, I'm Coming

Written by: Yara Rouhana

He calls- seldom I answer
They feel stiff.
He cries- seldom I console
They feel weak.

He knocks for entrance 
Though inside he lives
He enters- He observes me smiling
I shut him off completely- He’s out

I call- he’s always there
They smile.
I cry- he never turns his back
They tear. 

I enter his world-I never knock
He welcomes. 
I can hear some gossip in delight
Others just groan, vexed. 
The more I see is delight
Yet the others, are always in sight
I call- I cry- I enter-
When I smile, I leave.

He calls- waiting for my answer
They shiver.
He cries-cries for help
They perish. 

He knocks and enters
I give no care   
He stands still staring
“I called for you, you never replied
Burden lifted, they’re gone.
My gloomy 'flats' and 'sharps', 
Never felt your love, they left.
My innocent, smiling 'majors' and 'minors'
Never shared your laughter, they left.

Good bye my friend, Helen is waiting
Please pray for the Keller’s to welcome me home.”