You or Me?

Written by: Paul Stacey

A charcoal scene set in the darkest night
Is viewed from afar through squinted sight
Too far to observe the outlines move
Close enough to know the effects don’t soothe
Rigid eyes that can’t take it in, lids close tight
All blacked out can’t see the light
Safer now, disguised from the world outside
Close the emotions out but can you really hide

Hundreds of thoughts but none to speak
They walk, jog, run, can’t control the leak
Clashing together with no control
No escape to see, only a deep unforgiving hole
Turning, unrelenting, going down and down
A twister reversed hearing only crashing sounds
Told one thing but mean another
Others are worried, just want you better

No more silhouettes, to speak see or hear
It’s all still dark, still filled with fear
You’re so lost, so scared, so weak, confused, annoyed
Can’t believe or trust, not paranoid
Thoughts too much, too many, for you to store
Empirical reasons you can’t ignore
How do you push it all to the back of your mind?
How do you cope when you want it all to unwind?

Will a light shine making the darkness scatter
Or will you become the proverbial hatter
If you know inside then cling to it tight
Think, believe, and then know it will be all right
You understand but don’t know why or how
You’ll be fine, be brave, be you, take a bow
When you feel like this it’s hard to be you, to be open
But it’s easier to say it when it’s in the third person