Written by: ridge mayberry

Love can be the sweetest thing in the world If you allow it to be unfurled. But love can also lead to the biggest pain of all, heartache. If heartbreak Enters your life It feels like a knife In your chest. Though at first it seemed you were blessed Your life has now been cursed And your chest feels as though it will burst From the pain coursing through it. You may think the only way to get rid of it is to commit Suicide. But believe me when I say That this will not slay The pain inside. I broke up with my girlfriend and I cried. I cried so hard I ran out of tears to cry. I was ready to die and almost ran in front of a bus. However I could not do it. I could not quit. It hurt to go on, She was my swan, And though I remain her friend, My heart will never amend. Though her love is gone, I must fight on For there is no glory in surrender. Though my heart will always be tender, I can not quit, And I cannot defend it, Because to defend it is to block others out. And without Love in your heart u will die. You must try To fight on. Love is not gone. Somewhere out there is someone looking for you So remain true To yourself and you will find She who’s fate is entwined Forever more with yours. Hers with yours, and yours with hers.