Weird Mathematical Knots (a Phone-Call Poem)

Written by: Andrew Gallagher

so last night I was just sittin there, right?
and outta nowhere this huge, like, 
demonic-millipede devil-thing
was right there on my computer desk, like wriggling towards me - 

- ...well not nearly as bad as YOUR desk always was - oh my! 
that thing was a pile of travesty!

- yeah yeah.  anyway, 
the thing about it was how random it was,
ya know, like, both of us were just doin’ our own thing,
then BAM!,
we were staring at each other.

- I just sat there really still.
I wanted a peaceful resolution to the whole thing-

- ...but yeah, I guess I knew that wasn't going to happen.

So at some point it just freaked out,
weaving around the dishes
and papers or whatever.
So I waited for a clear shot
and when it was near the side-edge, near the book-
-  yep, your old bookcase, 
which, I might add, you NEVER USED…

- so ok, I eyed it up, ya know,
built my courage, slipper in hand, 
and when I attacked
it was a direct hit
and this thing just went nuts, 
like spazzed out, twisting around on itself
and, get this, it actually JUMPED across the gap and went somewhere in there...

- I know!  and I was NOT about to go poking around
for some vengeful godzilla bug! 
melt me with laser eyes or something…

- …but, yeah, isn’t that just a horrible feeling?  like, 
is it still out there?  
is it alive?
it's gonna come and get me when I'm sleeping or something, ugh.

- …but the thing is, ya know, devil bug or not,
I actually hope that it didn’t suffer.

- …Yeah, I mean, did it deserve it?  No.
It was just this unfortunate situation that neither of us could control. 

- know what it reminded me of when it jumped?
remember those mathematical knots we were so into? - ...

…yes.  Before you left.