Dear Killian

Written by: Tamra Craft

Dear Killian     

Though you and I have had it rough at times
I must thank you for the way loving you has changed me
You proved to me that a mothers love knows no bounds
And showed me how strong a mothers love for her son can be.

I dream of the man that you will become someday
You are truly one of the best things in my life
Tears well up in my eyes because you are growing up too soon
In strength and spirit as well as weight and height.

Know that blood carries no greater worth 
Than the pride and love I carry in my heart for you.
In every success you have, I share your joy
When you need me, there is nothing I wouldn’t do.

You have proven to me that I can be strong when I need to
You have taught me how to want to rise above
Because you take up such a warm place inside of me
I would be lost without a son like you to love.

Your humor, and your thirst for knowledge amazes me,
The love in your eyes for you family brings me to happy tears.
I’ve never known a greater or more fulfilling accomplishment
Then watching you blossom over and over through these years.

I want you to take my love with you wherever your life takes you
Don’t be afraid to grow up, because that won’t mean our love is done.
I will continue to walk beside you no matter what path you take.
I will always love you Killian, because you are my wonderful son!