why do i always belive?

Written by: alisa cook

why do i alway's belive there's true love in this world for me.
why do i keep on beening hurt /feeling lost and never aleart?
why do i alway's fall for the wrong men the ones that never i can't win. 
why do i belive in my luck /my hope /my life i just wanna give up.
i love so dearly when ever i love and my love and my heart is alway's true.
but i just fall and everytime i do my love is lost and throne in the blue.
i met this great guy i belived  he'd be true he promised to stand by me which was cool.
but though all the mess and trouble that brue my love just walked off and left me its true.
and now i'm wondering what should i do i gave this man my heart .
now i dont know if he'll ever come back . i wish to god he would . 
i wish to god that i could see and meet someone that's honest in love like me.
someone thats honest and really wants love /the friendship to hold and to show heaven 
above. i love you michael,r butler.