Pushing the Edge

Written by: Alison Sade PeƱaranda

I helplessly indulge myself with so much hate I could even puke
My hands tremble as I hold the phone against my ear
I push the right buttons and wait for the ring to go off
It feels like forever because you never want to answer

I could hear the heavens screaming this overwhelming hatred inside
The fires of hell burns a reflection in my own eyes
Do you need me to spell it out to put some sense in you?
I hate you and everything we do

Love was such a wonderful feeling for innocence
And yet this tainted heart of mine can no longer pretend
I took a deep dive into the unknown when I got burnt
Your lies destroy everything beautiful in my world

My eyes drown in a turbulent flow of hot tears
I should taste your blood to conquer all the misery
I can no longer utter sweetness to your ears
We are one reality I bite with remorse

You make me scribble all the wrong things
You push everything to the edge
You make me want to suffocate my breath
And yet you are still the love of my life.