Love is Pain

Written by: Aleera Canino

Twist my heart and tear it in two, 
 But that will never keep me from loving you.

Say such ugly, hurtful things.
 No matter how many tears it brings.

Is this what it takes to make you smile?
 Hurting me as I love you all the while.

Please stop this torturous time, 
 I need a man whose heart can truly be mine.

I won't ask this of you again,
 If you love me, let me go so my healing can begin.

My loving you was a huge mistake.
 How many times can one heart break?

I'll love you until I draw my last breath, 
 For all you've done, this is the only choice I have left.

I married the man that with all my heart I loved, 
 You pushed me away, with every hit and shove.

The things you said to me were nothing short of insane, 
 You taught me the biggest lesson in life, Love is Pain