Paid In Full

Written by: Laurie Ginn

.                                 Not long ago I had
                                done something wrong
                                 committed a sin and 
                                the pain that I felt was 
                                 as real and suffocating 
                                  as any physical pain 
                                I’d ever felt. My shame 
                               and my sadness were so
     heavy upon me, the guilt ached in my heart. The realization then 
      came to me if I felt so wounded and broken and ashamed and
separated from my Father what then did it feel like to be You? I realized 
  the harshness of your sentence. The pain and guilt I now felt, You my
Jesus felt that multiplied by every sin I had ever committed or will ever. 
                                   Oh my God your love
                                 Sins from the beginning 
                                 of our creation until it is
                                finished It’s no wonder to
                                 me now that your heart 
                                  burst within you. To be 
                                  blameless and willingly
                                pay for our transgressions
                                To take upon yourself and 
                               be so guilty that your Father 
                            could not look upon You. Forgive
                             me my Lord for the pain I have
                              grieved you and for the grief I
                                will continue to cause. I will
                                never understand your love