Sestina: Green Dream

Written by: Brooke Wolfe

Was it only in a dream
I saw green 
Willow bright
In the pathway full of fright?
Its loneliness caught my eye
Not to be tainted by the sweet

Smell of nectar golden sweet.
Tomorrow I’ll dream 
With a glisten in my eye
Deadened with the musty green
Of nightmarish fright
Which cannot outweigh the stars bright

But can compare to the caramel brightness
Of a nutshell so sweet
It gave the small one a fright
Though he dared dream
Of bigger things green
Which outshine the eye

Of nether eye
Can collapse into a bright 
Explosion of green
Not to be confused with the sweet 
Possible dream
That turns to frighten

Quickly.  Don’t deny the fright
It’s chance to catch your eye
For beauty holds even more than found in dreams
Despite the lack of bright or things sweet
Which weld together under the green

Of grandad’s willow tree so green
Whose dark corridors gave us a fright 
when young but nothing something sweet
couldn’t cure besides a look in the eye
of the beholder of bright
miracles in a dead winter’s dream

so when something green catches your eye
don’t ignore the fright you find could turn out bright
under willows sweet even if only in dreams.