Written by: Laurie Ginn

I have two sons
Both tall, blonde and handsome
With personalities different as night and day

Noah’s intellect is scary
Even as a small child he could figure out 
Not only how things work but why they work
I smile and nod a lot like I have a clue
His humor! The right word at exactly the right time
It’s killer

My younger son is Josh
His heart is as deep and wide as the ocean
He’s a football jock.  He enjoys pushing himself
Harder and longer just for fun.
Nothing in this world will be out of his reach 
Due to his sheer determination

I have two very special friends
That can be described as pure love
My love for them is deep and powerful
No matter the problem, no matter the danger
I’ll always be there for them

But if I had to choose to save them
With the lives of one of my sons
No matter how much I love them
The task could not be done

So I ask you now my Father
For we so desperately wicked
How did you send your Son
To pay the price of our selfish sins
I don’t understand it
I will never understand

How much is your love for us all