Inside Blind Eyes

Written by: Christie Moses

I have taken judicious steps
revised and revisited
       retraced and 

beneath a hollowed out  moon
(giving birth to psychic sounds)
      her face holds pale eyes 
painted a haunted yellow
wrenching…the weep 
I perceive there

a darting glance about me
    (scattered in the wild)
 confirms the fear 
 I fail at concealing 

etched in static lines
    with no denial 
                   just and only I

the song birds sing …
it sounds so desolate
         and forlorn

my solitude a draped shawl
contrived of heavy wool
on feminine shoulders

this heart….a benevolent heart
(still a bit cracked 
            and yes…a little raw)
amiss in the reticence

solitary is defined 
not in being only one
but the plethora that never see
blinded by their lack 
of true consciousness

so in cautious steps
(shrewd and vigilant)
I tread with bare woman’s feet
among those that never see

while watching the willows
bending in the breeze….