My Skegness

Written by: pat dring

Today we walked together, hand in hand,
for miles and miles, we strolled in the sand.
We had the beach all to ourselves, not a soul to be seen.
It was like being in paradise, a dream,
The sun shone brightly, the sky was blue,
A couple of days with nothing to do,
We picked up pebbles , and threw them into the sea,
What a great place this is to be,
Time to switch off from the worries and cares of life.
Time to be, just a wife.
Then off to the café, for our bacon, eggs, tomatoes, coffee and toast.
This really is the best value on the coast,
It cost£1. 99p each person for the lot,
It was even served piping hot,
Where is this place, where I’ve had so much fun?
The place for me, come rain or sun,
The place that helped so much when my life was a mess,
The Tranquillisers, the Agoraphobia causing distress.
For me paradise on earth is SKEGNESS.