Written by: pat dring


Love was beautiful, at 21 years of age,

Two bodies joined as one.

Love was so special that very first time,

A new experience, blowing your mind.

Neither of you knowing what to expect,

Both of you anxious, and yet,

You remember every single word that he said,

Long, long after you got out of bed,

Not for just a day, a week, a year,

Something special you hold very dear,

Both of you knowing you're committed to each other,

Never thinking of taking another.

Throughout your life this is what binds you together,

You weather the storms, the good, the bad, whatsoever.

Life throws some really awful things at you,

Some so bad you just don't know what to do.

But over 43 years down the line,

Love is still special after all this time,

Love is still special, love is still fun

Love is still beautiful, at  sixty one.

                       They said it would not last, it wasn’t meant to be,
But on Easter Sunday March 23rd 2008 it was the Ruby.