Mona Lisa -page 5 of 6

Written by: Nadia Shahwan

He taught her English
Mona means Hopes in Kadesh!
Lisa? Honey’s dish… Sparkle! 

Amazement’s high hill?!
Hopes Sparkle is the "Bliss’ Pin"
Did saints read a page on hill?!

Try to wrinkle the
Picture… flat on table’s kit
See volcano erupting?

Saints stood round the hill
Around Jesus on His rim
He surrendered his spirit!

Her forehead is spirit’s show
The sides’ cross… Her two eyebrows 
Her collar… Saints’ pray revolves!

Mona likes liquor
Giant hill with a twinkle
Younger than Tibet’s wrinkle!

Mona is a clock
Three years yet below her mock
Looking at unworthy flock!
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