God's Turnabouts

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

The devil cruised down,
To New Orleans,La,
With plan in his heart,
From the Broussards part,
He claimed alot of souls,
With temptation of a plan,
One very unholy,
Sinful lawbreaking scam,
One offering money to those who would join,
A serious deception created,
From his hand,
If you went for the money,
For the love of it,
You lost your soul,
Because of it,
If it was because they scared,
You into it,
You got a reprive because,
Of it,
If you chose to hurt,
Me and my kids on purpose,
You lost your soul,
And all contol of it,
God doesn't do that just for me,
He would do it for anyone,
Whose been put through unbelievable,
Pain and misery,
When a good person is outnumbered,
By an evil amount,
God goes to bat,
And you better watch out,
A good soul and family,
Outnumbered by alot,
Has God batting a thousand,
Turnabouts for all who fudgged up,
People determined to keep doing wrong,
By this little woman and children,
Will not be singing any song.