Written by: Brian Faulkner

Tiddliwink does step the grass,
Bats a wink at curls that pass.
Tiddliwink then twirls around,
Happy in the world he's found.

Tiddliwink then dances light,
Twinkledee him sees---a sight!
Tiddliwink and Twinkledee,
Twirling, swirling, oh so free!

Blue to black eyes, black to blue,
Pass their dreamings, catch them, too!
Far from sadness, lost from pain,
Tiddli-Twinkle break the chain!

Tin cans kick they, stones let fly,
Whisk on waters, skip so high!
Trees they climb a-top the ridge,
Awed with trucks that leap the bridge!

Tiddli now forgets his Twink,
In his future he does drink;
Cares not Twinkle, she thinks, too;
Years of sunsprays splash on through.

Tiddliwink now swings to earth;
Twink fall-follows, but not hurt.
Twinkle, lying out so, fair,
Tiddli grows up man right there.

Birds 'gin sing, sing winds at ease;
Sings the earth for loves like these!
Tiddli-Twinkle, matched with sun,
Catch the meaning: light has won!