Eternal Torment

Written by: Kirstie Fontes

Oh please not again
Please don’t leave me alone with him
I can’t say for sure, but I think that I know
What he will do to me when you go
My heart beats fast, I’m scared inside
I can’t tell you why I want to hide
You don’t understand, you just need some time
You can’t see that I’m crying inside
I fell dirty and guilty, that’s why I don’t tell
I don’t understand why I’m put through this Hell
I’m just a kid, I am not brave
He’s the adult, he should behave
But that day won’t come for a while
I try to endure and put on a smile
Oh this secret I must keep
For 10 more years without a peep
And when I finally let it out
There is no peace, there is just doubt
What have I done? I’ve made you cry.
I don’t blame you, I don’t imply
But I can see inside your eyes
You feel at fault, you’re asking why
There was nothing you could do
I kept this secret safe from you
10 plus years it’s been since then
I’ve done the work, I’ve forgiven him.