Essence of Time

Written by: Jencylei Santos

If I only had the power
I’ll hold time back and yonder
Turn it to somewhere I want it
In sometime, where I should be.

I’ll travel on my childhood times
See myself as if it's now gone
Who I’ve been when I’m a little kid

I’ll try to go on those moments
Where I did something wrong
I’ll make it right and perfect
Until the present has no regret.

I’ll go on my most precious times
Where I lived in the world of freedom
All those treasured memoirs
Those moments I’ll see in the past.

Maybe if I had the power
I’ll never let go of somebody
If I got the chance I’ll steal it
Maybe this time, I’d never set you free.

Fewer tears might have shed
No wasted single moment
No doubt caught me arrested
Less tragic times are left.

But I just can’t do it
It’s just there and already happened
I can never be back in all those times
Where I want to travel back in my life.