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Written by: Nadia Shahwan

She misses Europe
Since her anointed head’s hope
Lingers goodness of land’s womb

The backyard’s pale fears 
Massive mountains of king Leer!
Kristiansand in atmosphere!?
Her head is the globe
Turning from left to right’s orb
Her eyes tests a great fierce hop

The orbit looks fluff
Gyrates her green eyes’ dark puff
Shifting has walloped…No bluff

Could Nibiru kick?!
Our dry moon on its brim?
Spinning loops of sad might grim!?

Could the slim band show
Her aura for seeing source!?
Mona Lisa revealed core

Could she be so blind?! 
Looking far ahead of time!?
Yet spell-check papers of lime!?

Is the great sun here?
Nearing our solar’s fear?
Spreading distance mid the sphere!?

Is it here her ground?!
Her bliss forehead speaks aloud?
Balancing orbits’ sleek bound!

Proposing harshly!
Eats our sun hungrily!!
Creates stern hostility!!! 

If picture flattens…
As a narrow rectangle
See two planets are closer?

Wishes flamingo’s places?
or loves soft belly dances?

Her soft smile cried why!!
Her kind eyes trickled tears’ fry
Da Vinci dyed his dread eye

Projecting fine art
Da Vinci prized her posh card 
Exhuming profound seas’ chart
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By: Nadia F. Shahwan – April 2009