Mona Lisa -page 2 of 6

Written by: Nadia Shahwan

The drive is not short
Right, left, right turn at sleeve’s font
Four people a prayer hold

Mona Lisa cried
Her left cheek pastes a wet smile
Her right wet hand hid the time

But, she typed her line
Using her mouse to save time
Splendor poetry’s soft rhyme

No handkerchief dear
Just follow the tepid stream
America lives mild dream

Mona Lisa is 
Mellow and follows sunbeam
Her chest’s hearty children’s gleam

Her forehead with band
Wavy hair, loose, every strand
No pony tail her hair had

Clad her noir jacket 
Smile! No lip-gloss! No laughter!  
Praying to God the Savior 

The big S is shown
Saint Bartholomew calls
All churches to run prompt course

To cry blameless souls
Jesus Christ hugs only those
Who are knocking heavens’ doors

Shown on her right sleeve
Majestic stairs to grant grief
On Christmas Eve by the tree!

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By: Nadia F. Shahwan - April 2009