Only Man

Written by: Brian Faulkner

Only man
Gives worth 
To earth;
Only man.

Only man,
Of whom I sing,
Gives any worth
To any thing.

Only men
Of thinking pride
Make of earth
The glorified.

But some men,
They are not nice;
Theirs the vice
Of sacrifice.

Evil theirs,
Evil fools,
Killing minds
With selfless rules.

Let them go,
Save them not;
Waste not you
On stinking rot.

Make of self
A shining blade.
Fight the selfless

Make of blade
A solid beam;
Stand and guard
Your blazing dream.

Make of dream
A thing so true
All your thoughts
Will sing of you.

Make of you,
Since life began,
One victorious
Living man.

Only you,
Of whom I sing,
Lives the worth
Of any thing.

Shining I,
Standing straight,
Blinds the sight
Of c'llapsing fate.