My Voice

Written by: Brian Faulkner

See no light and see not sorrow,
Hear no crying all night long;
Worry not where goes tomorrow,
Put things past beneath thy song.

Though now is small, yet now is now;
Let all thy soul be singing.
No outside thoughts need ye avow,
No bells but yours be ringing.

Give all thyself, be wholly true,
Do that one thing you want to do,
And learn to love and live me, too;
I have no other voice but you.

When I say "Give" here, I mean not low, altruistic giving, but the giving to the fullest of one's 
creative energy to the creative act and object thereof.  It is this kind of intense, selfish giving 
of the creator which makes all the truly best and even great things of human art, and finds 
its way through to great practical inventions, such as lights and computers.