Heaven wanted you more

Written by: Cheryl McCall

               No more pain for you as you're lain
                   to rest in heaven. No worries,
              though you'll always be on my mind 
                      as I'm walking in the rain. 

                   I'll still be waving in the wind 
                    at you from the docking of
                     the boat we sailed in one 
                    moonlit night way up high.

                Oh what a sight of a crystal beeded
             lake. We had no clue we were so close
             to heaven, That we were going to get
             in each others arms at that moment
                without a care of your brothers. 

         Nor we did not care to share that moment 
         with a single soul,But we knew we had to
           tear ourselves away so we could mingle
                   like the rest for we know that
          would be rude but if we only knew
         that Heaven wanted you more, We would
       have never torn our gaze off of our moment