At Last

Written by: Brian Faulkner

God is dead.
Fell from Heaven and burned his head.
I heard a yell.  
Way down in Hell.
I looked around.
Free men standing,
Godless, fearless, mortal,
Full of selfishness and 
Self-interest, self-respect,
Loving life,
Feeling it swell their minds and bodies,
Exulting in the fact
Of independent individuality.
At last, man is free.

Look at me.
I am the light, 
Not the Christian night,
Nor the Jewish night,
Nor the Moslem night.
I am the light of Reason.
I am the light of Reality.
I am the light, the only light,
Of man's soul.
I am your self.
Spurn it, damn it, deny it,
Live totally selflessly,
I am still your self.
Flick it on,
Be the dawn.