Tears of life

Written by: andreea agarlita

the nature cries...
and her tears urge 
the grass to grow
toward the blue sky.

and the sky cries too...
he's spreading the  trails of so many spirits
over the deep seas ,who in their silences
are crying too.

and still, the nature cries so bitter,
but her tears are mute,
she's not shouting her pain to our lives
but leaving her destiny in the hands of time,
who is also crying.

and how the time cries,
he flows with fire, with wind,ice and with tears over waters,
and the waters are crying.

they cry with springs,
and crystal waves,
with beautiful music in their ways
through the valleys,
sounds who are burning in the eyes of the sun,
who is crying too.

but he cries with rays of light,
he cries with life,heat and with time,
because the nature will not exist
if the sun wouldn't cry,
and neither the seas
if the sky wouldn't rise upon them
the dust of life,
and if he wouldn't cry too.