Was I wrong?

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

Sitting by the sea , leaning on his shoulders, 
Or walking along side him,clasping his fingers,
Listening to sweet nothings from him in my ears,
See him shaken when I am in  tears...

Happy when together, restless when away,
Wait the entire night to see him the next day,
Read his love messages and attend to his calls,
Blush when he calls me his sweet lovely doll...

Be true and honest to him when he needs,
Support and guide him in his deeds,
Lend a supporting hand to him always,
Admire and celebrate his success in every way...

If this is love,then someone tell me now,
Why did we breakup somehow?
No fights, no quarrels, no tensions,
No anger or hatred ,then how did this happen?

All I did was to help his ailing mother,
Force him to help her recover,
She lied and cheated and separated us,
Her tests reveled,her sickness was bogus.

Against me his mind she poisoned,
Took him away from my vision,
I cried, I wept,I tried to explain,
I tried and tried but all in vain.

Did he really love me the way I did
Then how come farewell to me, he bid?

Now I ask myself,I truly love him and all I did was help..
Where was I wrong?Is it wrong to help?