Maddness In New Orleans

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

I cling to memories of days gone by,
Flooding the gates of my windows eye,
I had a happy life,
As I was supossed to have,
Until jealousy exploded from,
My x-husbands hands,
I divorced this man,
For his abuse and torture,
While my kids were little and wouldn't remember,
Many years latter,
This same sick man,
Took the life of our daughter,
With a cowards hand,
He hired the people that killed her,
And this town has taken,
The wrong stand,
They stand with him,
Not aganist him,
And condemn me,
For reasons that only the blind would see,
I grew up here,
And always loved it,
Now I hate it,
For the reasons of unadult behavior,
The hand of God is now firmly upon,
Hurricane season is bringing them harm,
All who are aganist me,
And everything that has been done so wrong,
The Italian Mafia is going to regret,
Messing with God was their worst,
Mistake yet,
I'm a good person who never committed a crime,
I even had a bird once named sunshine,
My little family of three plus me,
Has been divided abus-if-lee,
Whats going on in this town,
Would make the world sick,
To know that murder has been condoned,
And the victims life stolen,
By a group of relentless, absuive, people that are controlling,
They won't stop the hell I'm living,
Until I do whatever they say,
If that isn't controlling and abusive,
Then tell me what is?
Murderers destroyed my life and the life,
Of my kids,
People here have no write,
To continue to do unspeakable things,
To a mother and her kids,
Who have been through so much,
I can't believe they even think,
They have the write,
To keep destroying I and my kids lives,
These people found out,
How close to God I am,
Yet they continue to drive a hammer through my head,
Satan comes aganist people who are closest to God,
But God fights back with more power,
From above,
He's already given away their souls,
For continuing maddness and horrible sins,
Are taking place,
In New Orleans.