God Makes History

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

I met a group of people,
Who I never knew,
Are the cruelest in God's country,
For what they do,
To know or have knowledge of a murder,
And presue their own agenda,
Cold and calious,
Like the woman named broom Hilda,
This group really exsist,
And now they are at the top,
Of God's hit list,
For not being smart enough to stop,
Freedom is a write in America,
It's what God intended,
Not to mention the guy,
That wrote the first amendant,
Trying to boss everybody around,
Will get you tossed,
From heaven into the ground,
And then you are lost,
I write how I feel,
And Lord knows it's the truth,
Acting like Hitler,
Has caused a serious dispute,
A war between you and God,
Not doing what is right,
By a mother of a murdered child,
God will make you loose this fight,
You can't cover up what my x-husband did,
And let him have a life,
It"s a tremdous sin,
I don't know how a persons judgement,
Became so worped,
And don't have values,
With-in their heart,
I'm burning up with fever,
From what they have done,
And God's got a meat-clever,
Headed from the sun,
I wonder where these people were raised,
To act so brasien with malis of thought,
And have such sick black hearts,
Makes them the target,
On God's agenda,
To knock out,
All the little broom Hilda's,
Male and female's who have committed this crime,
Aren't going to heaven and,
Will not get to have that,
Glass of wine,
For pouring out from God's heart,
Is all of his love,
For me and my children,
That these people have destroyed,
You can't get away with what you have done,
God's going to make you pay,
From here to the sun,
His retribution for my family,
Is going to go down,
In history.