Changing Fate

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

If someone trys to change destiny,
If someone trys to rearrange a path,
If someone sticks their nose into fate,
If someone thinks their stronger than that,
If an adult pitches a tantrum,
Like a two year old child,
And presumes they are the master,
What they get is disaster,
Power and money,
Mean nothing to God,
Uncaring souls are lost in the cold,
Relentless dispalys of acting like God,
Will give you your fate,
When God goes wild,
Angering heaven is a big mistake,
What you end up doing,
Is changing your own fate,
I once heard a saying,
And boy is it true,
It's not nice to fool with mother nature,
By the things that you do,
Having tunnel vision on any subject,
Not seeing the bigger picture,
Of who really runs this world,
Lands you at the bottom,
Of Gods master plate,
He'll chew you up,
For changing fate.