From The Man Who Thinks With His Pants (Sometimes)

Written by: Matthew Pawlak

This was the last day of freedom
In my twisted tale of a life
For soon on I'll seldom
Be free from my busy strife

For next week I leave
To never be seen for days
Though it seems short
I wish next to you I could stay
As a friend I do care
That night was a accedent
And since you wont listen, now I'll share
My account of that incedent

"On the night of April 2nd,
In the dead of the night
With two chums talking
The ringing phone gave me a fright
T'was the girl who held my dreams
The one I'd set eyes on
Who called, 
And broke the peacful calm
As a fool I flirted
And you were left alone

The truth being I failed you
But dont think That I didnt want to hang
I had a good time planned
Before that phone rang

--Sorry to my good friend Joe. I was so caught up in the moment I ignored my guest. But 
honestly I'm Sorry i really wanted to hang. It's not like she could have been on the phone 
with me ALL night. She accualy got off 5 min after you left. But I know that is not the point. 
So ligitly....I'm Sorry