Mute Weeping

Written by: Frank F. Atanacio

She was a mother for the first time,
she was so glad,
her life was like a nursery rhyme,
the baby was everything she had,
but she would turn suddenly very sad,
gloomy and taciturn,
everything made her mad,
and there were moods she had to learn,
something was terribly wrong,
those odd moods would last very long,
her problem was that she kept it silent altogether,
her mind compressed, her thoughts depressed,
and she felt distressed,
but she hid it all so well,
even her husband couldn’t tell,
then it was that frightful night,
terrible sight,
her moods collided,
her thoughts exploded,
her motherhood corroded,
she talked in her sleep the night before,
there was a gloomy silence and mute weeping,
baby on the floor,
and he wasn’t sleeping,
she became hysterical,
she kept crying and almost never stopped,
her sanity popped,
and she was so bent out of shape,
she fell hard in the nursery,
and realized there was no escape.