Harbor Lights

Written by: Christie Moses

you are as St Thomas….
          my friend
you are warm and serene
you are a tranquil isle
 in the midst of my chaos

thank you for your genial sand 
    and your amiable waves
        they hold me aloft 
     in my sea of sorrow

     you are a mellow place 
to disembark from the storm
      that sometimes rages 
      (a bit out of control)

you don’t try to change me
   you guide me to safety 
      in your kind way

your laugh lights me up 
  in moments of angst
when I flutter about 
    blind and wounded

Yes….you are just as St Thomas 
    with a balmy breeze
and endless ocean mystery
    brilliant in your clarity 
and sweet in your honesty

tropical island smile
     palm tree heart 
you sway with the tempest

a harbor with a beacon light
to shine my pathway bright

when rough times pummel
    you smooth the way
troubled Cobblestones 
        just disappear 
in the wake of your empathy
    (shoreline replaces) 
I see miles of infinite blue

and I can shine again 
    because of you…..

Dedicated to a very dear friend who has helped me and my heart in so many ways. To heal 
and to feel happy to be me. This poem was written to let him know how much he means to