Soft Smiles and Sweet Kisses

Written by: Laurie Ginn

Last fire before summer
Come snuggle in close
Lay your head on my lap
While I play with your hair
Tell me of how your day went
Your hopes and your dreams
While we ponder on forever
And what life really means

All my attention you have
While the sagas you tell
Crinkles around your eyes
I know oh so well

Tracing your lips with my fingers
Your face with my hand
I laugh with your stories
And formulate a plan

Keep talking my darling
Your voice like a warm pot of molasses
Soothingly flows through every part of me
Sliding my hand in your shirt
Resting my palm on your heart
Feeling the beat and rhythm of your life

My hand slides down your arm
And the strength I find there
Still makes me take notice
Then my eyes meet your stare

We pile the fire with wood
Throw pillows on the floor
Your whispers so tender
Your lips to my ear
Then spoon me close and hold me near
Soft smiles and sweet kisses
And forever reminisces