Dared Not

Written by: Cheryl McCall

                                 Dared Not

              I'm remembering you and Rainbows which is a
                  part you dared not to show, only to me.
                      The first time in Missouri when I
                     was driving you told me to pull over. 

                                 Well I thought
               something wrong with car by the urgency in
                   your voice, but you came around to
                    my side and took my hand and told me 
                            to look at the colors in the sky.

                               When I did, there was our
           Rainbow you said, And swung me off the ground
                     what a beautiful moment for you 
                     and me, but yet you dared not to 
                          show your heart but to me.

                Now that you're looking' down at me hopefully,
                      I wonder if you're riding that beautiful
                rainbow on your dredge, Still search in' for
                  that pot of gold. Whenever I see a Rainbow
               I can almost picture you riding it and saying
               I found our Rainbow Baby, remember to look
                    for the colors, And you'll find me!