Drastic Change

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

A drastic change,
Took place in a serious case,
Of the mother's,
Undying love,
A red scarlet letter,
Was placed upon her head,
Her heart was torn,
From her chest and throat,
By what everyone did,
And said,
To the point of making,
Her physically ill,
The lumps growing from along her,
Spine and bones,
Are full of the anger,
She now hones,
Above the darkest clouds in the sky,
She was tossed about town,
Like she had done something wrong,
When all she ever did,
Was love and take care of her kids,
She got accussed of a crime,
Where in fact she is the victim,
And her family and life was ripped to shreds,
By people placed in her head,
Who seemed to enjoy their scam,
Of killing this mother's life.