April Evening

Written by: Deirdre Omaidin

Wondrous day don't slip away
Till the blackbird ends her song
Do not slip away just yet
For tomorrow you'll be gone.

Hazy day don't slip away
Until all the lambs are found
The wee ones might be bleating
Way back on hilly ground.

Magic day don't slip away
Till the ship comes home to dock
For those who wait, the hours are long
Life circles round that clock.

Lazy day don't slip away
With the rush of the ebbing tide
Let evening cast her shadows
And her stillness still abide.

Holy day don't slip away
Till vespers have been sung
And all the monks have chanted
And all the chimes are rung.

Holiday don't slip away
Till the baby's cradle stills
Till all the wrongs in life are right
And we forgive each others' ills.

April day don't slip away
While the heavy hearted weep
Let night wrap round their sorry hearts
And place them in safe keep.

Phantom day your evening sky
Awesome, burnt orange, still
Paves way for night to lead the stars
And steals away at will.