Cynical Murderous Man

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

I am a man with a plan,
A murderous heart,
I plan to rip out,
My x-wife's heart,
I'm going drive her to madness,
And bring complete sadness,
By involving people she thinks,
Are her friends,
Me and my family have agreed,
To do this ungodly deed,
We don't believe we'll get caught,
No one relizes our murderous hearts,
We are shallow and ruthless,
And money grubbing shabbness,
The tackiest of all,
Romes our halls,
We're going to make her loose everything,
Especially her kids that she loves so much,
The first one to go,
Is her daughter we just know,
How much it's going to demolish her,
And when we are done,
We'll steal her son,
And seperate her from the other daughter,
I don't like the fact that I had,
To pay her child-support,
I've got lifeinsurance,
And I plan to get it all back,
I'm the meanest man,
With the most cynical plan,
For revenge on the woman,
I never got over,
I never let go,
And I'm going to show her,
That I can be more brutal,
Then I was in our marriage,
And if by chance we do get caught,
I'll come up with a way,
To still make her pay,
Cause I'm the sickest,
Son of a gun in this town.