Boss Lady

Written by: Karen Abbott

Boss Lady!  Boss Lady?  Whatever do you mean?  
Do you mean I’m hip, I’m fly, I’m stylish, what?  
Do I accept an accolade, or are you being snide?
Or is it innuendo; yes… true, that just could be it too.  

Of course, you could be like one, who scoffs at his own issues;
for he is in denial, and refuses to resolve them.
What that means quite frankly dear is that you are insecure; 
and women who assert themselves just scare the pants off you,
 but you won’t tell that either.  

What could you lose but childishness if once you would admit? 
This better half of you in me has more than half a mind, and works.  
So well it works, (the female brain) you hardly can admit it; instead 
Your first defense is always, “women just don’t get it”.  
And there you go, that wall goes up and words… they just don’t matter; 
then reason doesn’t stand a chance, you say, “Oh, you’re so damn frus-tra-ting”.

If you would relax and keep quite still, it will not take long to see, 
the things Boss lady can not do she smiles and  calls for you.  
The reason friend is fairly simple, we make what’s called a team.  
Boss ladies do insinuate, but only to implore, 
you must stand tall, or you will fall, as prey to an imposter ;
Just recognize the one who sighs, though cute, is what? An interloper.