Bills, Bills, and More (****) Bills

Written by: james faulkner

Infrequent quarters sink toward the depths of desolate sweaty palms  
Glum thought manufactured from the mind merge with my palm’s pond 
I clinch my hand draining sweat, for those required quarters mustn’t be lost
I got bills to pay 

Pride forbids me from parental based funds
It would only mean they were right 
So I sit lost in thought
 Trying to squeeze dollars out of dimes
Dam I got bills to pay

Regret mingles with my melancholy filled thoughts
The fast food industry wasn’t that bad
Yes it was but it paid the bills
Should I have a talk with the landlord or the holy lord 
Wondering which would be most effective
Damn I got bills to pay

It’s so expensive just to get by in today’s society
They tell me I have free speech and charge me for a phone bill
They tax the essentiality of life such as water
They would charge for your thoughts if they don’t already
But no need to complain because that only emphases strain 
But dam I got to pay